Who we are

The Gourmet Groupies Lifestyle Network (GGLN) is a Global Community for Food & Beverage, Travel & Dining Enthusiasts and all who believe that the world is our oyster!

The Internet has created an abundance of passionate people sharing their wonderful personal and professional stories of experiences and culture through Vlogs, Blogs, Websites and Social Media Pages.

The Gourmet Groupies Community is where all YOU passionate people congregate. Think of yourselves as Lifestyle Community Leaders! Our goal is to provide our global audience with an interactive space to engage and learn all in the one-stop spot – Gourmet Groupies!

What is Gourmet Groupies?

The Gourmet Groupies App and Website are platforms from which we engage our global audience. They provide continuous innovation to ensure Community Members can seamlessly find, connect and “groupie” companies and people of interest to begin a journey of engagement together.

The community features its very own News Feed, Recipe Book, Lifestyle Network and Challenge Corner.

If you are passionate about your lifestyle and want to be a part of our growing global audience, please drop your details into the Contact Page and we will be in touch shortly.